Learning:  One Technologies doesn't leave when your site is approved and active.  Our Simple, Professional and Elite packages include on-site training for your web manager or staff.  The training team has 24 years in public education and 31 years developing and leading technology training.  Each training is individualized and built around your site needs.

Support:  After training is completed, we provide you with ten ways to connect to our support team to help you practice skills, learn new tasks, troubleshoot a problem, or update a web page.  We guarantee you quality support, providing you 10 ways to connect:
  1. eMail: info@onetechnologies.com
  2. Toll Free Phone: 800-998-3070
  3. Fax: 267-565-4230
  4. Chat: AIM - mamboschools; Yahoo - onetechn; gMail and Facebook Chat available by request.
  5. Online Video Training via our blog, Twitter, and Facebook wall.
  6. Screen Sharing: VNC, Apple Remote Desktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop
  7. Manuals.
  8. Professional Development: On-Site or Go-To-Meeting® Training
  9. Web Form:   Contact Us Web Form
  10. US Mail
One Technologies, Inc.
PO Box 144
Monticello, IN 47960

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Search Engine / Social Media optimization is a long, carefully planned and executed method for generating more target market visits to your website. Unless your web site is visible on Google and other major search engines, may not be getting the sales and traffic you want or can gain!

How important is it for people to find you on the web? Our Internet marketing campaigns focus on increasing your ranking on the most used search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Analysis:  We review website structure, design, content, and traffic statistics of your site and suggest what needs to be done to increase your search engine page rank. (included in base businessWeb package)
  • Keyword Research:  We research the current keyword density within your website and suggest the top 10 keywords with competitiveness levels.
  • Ranking Research:  We research the current site position in the most important search engines for each of the chosen keywords.
  • Search Engine Friendly Content:  We review with you how to write content that increases your search engine page rank.
  • Statistics Reporting:  We setup analytical software with reporting capabilities that tracks user behavior while visiting your site.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Creating A Natural Inbound Link Structure:  We facilitate contacting related websites for the purpose of linking.
  • Article Marketing:  We assist in submitting online articles to web directories related to your industry.
  • News submissions:  We assist with newsletter submission to announcement sites.
  • Google Adwords Campaign and Management:  We develop a plan to drive relevant traffic to your website using keywords and help you manage your account.
  • Pay-per-Click:  We develop and manage a Pay-Per-Click strategy in order to drive relevant people to your site.
E-Newsletter Development
  • Custom Designed:  Graphically professional e-Newsletter with a similar design as your website.
  • Email Registration:  We implement a system where your customers register their emails addresses for receiving your e-Newsletters.
  • Send Emails:  Newsletters are sent to the registered Emails automatically through a system that specializes in delivery of e-Newsletters.

Site Blog Development

  • Purpose Focused:  The primary purpose of a blog for a business is for internet marketing, branding, and public relations.
  • Easy to Update
  • SEO Friendly:  The blog is designed so that it has proper exposure to search engines.
  • User Management:  The blog is complete with a robust user system enabling different levels of authority having configurable privileges with regard to publishing, editing, and options.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

One Technologies™ spreads the message of your company through the powerful network of social media. Turn your content into highly desired shareable web content, increase your rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other search engines. Monitor what is being said about you on the web through open-social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,  and YouTube. We customize a social media marketing plan that fits with your current marketing outreach.
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As web developers and designers, one of the difficult tasks in our relationship is learning your business.  After all, we aren't florists, farmers, or sell organic food or perform services like tire repair!  One Technologies' on-site visit is one of the most important phases of the process.  During this 'discovery' phase, we want to tour your business, meet your co-workers and take time to learn a bit about your day-to-day schedule.

We set aside a portion of the day, to not only tour, but discuss, review, and assist.  The following provides you a brief overview of this interview.

As a part of your package, we visit you on-site to discuss:
  • your web goals.
  • your current web presence.
  • web site marketing effort and strategies.

We also review the status of:

  • your company logo.
  • your company slogan.
  • current web site graphics and text.
  • your current search engine ranking.

We assist you to:

  • select a modern look for your web site.
  • develop a color palette to enhance your image and goals.
  • finalize the site applications or major sections for your new site.

As we plan, you may find these additional businessWeb™ services and options helpful in creating your final design:

  • copywriting/photography services
  • Domain & DNS Management
  • additional web application installation/setup
  • additional on-site training
  • e-mail services
  • legacy web site transfer

Let One Technologies Build Your Web Site! ...


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After completing our on-site visit, your One Technologies' team gathers all information and installs your businessWeb™ site package. businessWeb™ is an all-inclusive web service customized for small to medium business and built on the world’s most popular web site platform. The following web applications and features are included in the "base" installation package:
Content Management:
  • Content Creator/Manager
  • Content Editor
  • AutoList™: FAQ, Latest/Popular News
  • Announcement Display
  • RSS Feed Generator and Display
Images/Multimedia Management:
  • Media Manager
Information Mgmt./Gathering:
  • Web Link Library Manager
  • Participation Poll Creator
  • Site Analytics and Stats
Communication Tools:
  • Event Banner Manager
  • Intranet Mass Message Mailer
  • Contact Manager

Below is the list of additional web applications that we offer to businesses for the Simple, Professional, and Elite packages:

Content Management:
  • Blog Creator/Display with Comments
  • News or Magazine Portal Display
Information Management/Gathering:
  • Map and Weather Package
  • Form Generator/Data Collection
  • Document Library with Autolists™
Images/Multimedia Management:
  • Photo Gallery
  • Frontpage Slideshow
  • Content Media Plug-In Package
    • eZ Gallery
    • Embedded Video/Audio
    • Tab/Slide Effects
    • Video Library Manager
Communication Tools:
  • Jobline Employment Board
  • Events Calendar
  • Community Bulletin Board/Forum
  • Maintenance Help Desk System
  • Language Translation
  • Guestbook

After completing the installation, One Technologies designs the look and feel of your site we:
  • Add your selected template or look.
  • Customize the template colors
  • Add your logo and images.
  • Transfer your information from your old web site or enter newly supplied information

Before your web site is activated, we complete final testing and your own approval.  No web site will go active until you are 100% satisfied with the images, content, and general look.

How We Assist After Site Activation! ...

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One Technologies®, founded in 1999, provides web sites for businesses and schools.  Our founders follow four guiding principles that are still helping to grow our company and your business.

One Technologies® will:

1.  Provide a quality, well-designed site at a reasonable price.
2.  Allow our clients to choose to control, manage and edit their content.
3.  Provide clients with a wide variety of web applications and services to create a flexible web environment

and above all ...

4.  Provide the best customer support and fastest response time to your questions and requests.

For Schools .. our mamboSchools™ service

Our mamboSchools service is the leading provider of web site services to K-12, private, parochial, and charter schools in the State of Indiana.  Learn more about this service by visiting mamboSchools™.

For Businesses .. Our businessWeb™ service

businessWeb™ is an all-inclusive web site customized for small to medium business and built on the world’s most popular web site platform.

The base businessWeb™ installation includes 10 web apps combined in a single cohesive package.  These web apps provide you with the power to develop an entry-level content driven web site.  Your installation also includes one year of web site hosting, maintenance and support.  Your businessWeb™ team will conduct a planning meeting and provide site look/feel and color customization to set up site, assist in adding the opening content, and develop your initial site navigation.  

The "Simple, Professional, and Elite" packages allow your company or organization to add additional web applications and services to your base installation.  For those business owners within specific markets, like the ones listed below, additional web apps and services provide you with a content driven web site that is more customized to fit your exact needs.

  • eCommerce for Retail/Service Sales
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Vehicle Rental
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Real Estate/Property Management
  • Auctioneering
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Chamber/Tourism Bureau
  • Publishing (News/Magazines)
  • Accounting Firms
  • Food and Beverage
  • Education
  • and many, many more!

Let Us Discover Your Business Today! ...

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